Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Home for a Week - Saignon, in Provence, France

Saignon is about 4 or 5 km up the hill from Apt. I had not heard of either of these places before, but found them as I was searching through the website of places to rent. Apt has a population of only 11,000 and does not seem to come up in much of the tourist literature, but is well known for its incredible Saturday market (more about that later).

Saignon is one of many hill-top towns in Provence. This one has a massive rock which looks like it once had a castle on top.

One day a TV series was being filmed there. It had something to do with a Flemish man. The picturesque fountain was used as a backdrop for the filming.

When I aimed my camera I was wanting to capture the narrow alley. But I now see that I caught a renovated exterior of the building on the right. Definitely not as interesting but I think I can understand why they did it, as it is nothing short of amazing that the very old stone buildings are still intact.

Looking down on the village from the top of the rock. Our house was where there are two rows of buildings.

Looking to the north-east. If you enlarge this picture and look closely at the horizon, you will see light-coloured buildings, which are another hill-top village.

The pictures above and below are facing each other.

Looking at the picture above, can you see a beige field? It runs on an angle below the rock. It is a lavender field but we were there in early October, so the lavendar was harvested long ago. I took the picture below off the internet. It shows the same field in bloom in June and July.

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