Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cheese Dept in a Grocery Store in Apt

Yes, the grocery stores are big, but it is the size of the cheese and wine sections that set them apart from grocers in North America.

First I sneaked a pic of this amazing display of roquefort cheeses. If you enlarge the picture you can see the prices. For the Roquefort they ranged from about 13 Euros (CDN$2.10 / kg) to 27 E ($4.40 / kg).

The reason I mention that I sneaked a pic is because when we were in Europe in '95 I was told by a security guard positioned at the front door, that I was NOT allowed to take any pictures. No problem this time. And no security guards to be seen.

This lady was a wonderful character and loved having her pic taken.

So of course I had to give equal camera time to others. She too was an exceptionally friendly lady. Looking at the sign hanging down, I expect this Emmental cheese was around 7 E a kilo, or $11 in our money ($5 / lb).

There was a lot of cheese in this LeClerc store in Apt, a town of only 11,000 people! At the other end was the cured meat.

How does one know which ham to choose? I think I can see 9 different kinds in this photo. They ranged in price from 10-26 E a kg, about the same range as the Roquefort cheeses.

More about wine in another post.

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