Monday, March 1, 2010

Granville St During the Vancouver Olympics

This metal scupture reminded me of the willow sculputures by Patrick Doherty.

Nearby we noticed this sketch and overheard the artist say that he was starving. Having been in this sort of situation myself, I told him if he wanted to trust me with some of his money, I could get him some food.

Janet giving him his coffee and scone.

His name is Marc Ahr, and he is from Quebec, by way of France. He has been at 11 Olympics, attending events and painting the scene. They are then sold as prints or t-shirts. Time Frame Gallery on Robson was one of three places selling his work.

This is the painting on the t-shirt that I bought. Unfortunately there was no place to try it on and despite being labelled as size L, it is still too small. I hope I can exchange it.

Loved the "trees" decorated by kids. Speaking of kids, they loved to run over the hexagonal bases of the trees, as that made quite a racket.

Close-up of the artwork.

There were a number of cut-outs which provided great photo-ops.

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