Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Huge Congratulations to the Olympic Graphic Design Team

The graphics for the 2010 Winter Olympics are spectacular. After 2 weeks, I am still in awe! I love the colours and the designs!!

The program cover

Banners on lamposts

The boards surrounding the rinks for curling, figure skating, etc, were wrapped with the graphics, rather than advertising. What a treat! And the green and blue theme continued up into the stands. The curling rink used green and blue for the circles and the walkways were royal blue. The workers and volunteers wore either blue or green jackets.
 You can view a video that explains the process the design team went through to come up with these gorgeous graphics. However, to my shock and horror, Leo Obstbaum, Design Director for VANOC 2010 Olympics, the man at the beginning of the video, died of natural causes, last August at the age of 40. How very tragic.

By the way, the graphic wraps in the rinks, etc, will be recycled into flooring.

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