Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doors of Provence

The town of Ménerbes was essentially closed for lunch when we were there. The upside of this was that I was not distracted by stores and was therefore able to notice all the beautiful door and windows there. One might say I went overboard taking pics of them, so I will divide them into separate posts. Sorry, but it is likely to be long, but I just couldn't eliminate any of them!

This magnificent door belonged to "la Maison de la Truffe et du Vin" - the House of Tuffle and Wine. The village of Ménerbes is called the truffle capital. Inside we sampled olive oil flavoured with truffles.

 Look at how warn the stone steps are!! Obviously everyone came and went by the right side. 

That's a grape vine above, with its roots under pavement and cement.
You might recognize this from the header of my blog.

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