Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vancouver Olympics & Canadian Pride

I am a fan of most Olympic sports, though it wasn't the sporting events that I wanted to see. I pryed myself from our big screen TV with sometimes as many as 6 channels covering sports in high-def, to travel 500+ kilometers to Vancouver to see and experience what was happening to the city. The downtown was as alive as any city could hope to be. The spirits were high. Wait a minute, I must be able to find a better word than "high"... maybe "over the moon". Or even "over the sun", as the weather was spectacularly warm and sunny.

Our culture is often considered to be reserved, but right now we are very big on celebrating being Canadian. Actually it was like we were at a hockey game... a two week long hockey game. People decked out in red and white. Everyone is happy and friendly. Not fueled by alcohol either. A remarkable site. It felt so very very good.

Lots of hockey fans. They come in all ages!

The next Captain Canada?

I liked the boy's hat, so I asked if I could take a picture. The boy wasn't as thrilled, but his Dad said, like a good Canadian, "Thank you" when I was finished. But see the lady in the red sweater who is pointing at me? Actually, I think she is pointing at what was behind me. It seems that NBC was filming me taking this picture. I wonder if I made the News.

What a wonderful shot! If only I knew who these people are, so I could send them a copy.

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