Friday, January 7, 2011

Stoupa, Greece

Being from British Columbia in Canada, I am very used to mountains and the roads that make their way up and down and around them. At home the roads are as straight as the engineers can possibly design them and the contractors blast and bulldoze their way, creating wide roads with shoulders.

In Europe I am always surprised that they are anything but straight!! (the freeway in northern Italy is a notable exception) Nor can they be described as wide, let alone with a shoulder. I have to remind myself that these routes were planned, or perhaps a better word is "happened" many centuries ago, when donkeys were the main mode of transport. Long straight stretches would not have been important as one only occasionally needed to move from one village to another.

Our destination was Stoupa, which is "B" on the map. I was told that the route through Sparti (Sparta) was 20 km longer but had fewer curves. I should have kept count! This is the route we took from Nafplion (A):

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Based on typical calculations for travel in our area in BC, the few kilometers from Nafplion to Stoupa should only have taken 2 hrs (almost no towns to pass through). However our trip, supposedly by the fastest route, took us at least 4. And we weren't even held up by herds of sheep, though I wish we had been!

We arrived safe and sound, if not a little stiff, from being shoe-horned into our little car, with all our luggage. We were thrilled to find our manificent house which was up the hill from Stoupa and with a magnificent view of the Med.

The house was an amazing reno of an old stone house. We were very impressed:

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