Sunday, January 9, 2011

Up the Hill From Stoupa

The weather was nice and warm. We were there in late September. Gary walked down the hill, went swimming everyday at this (or the other) beautiful beach, then ran back up up the hill!

Not to be outdone, Liana and I hiked further up the hill, to a lovely village. This hike was my favourite activity in Greece.
Our destination. Can you see the small village in the center of the photo?

Most of the route was lined with rock walls.

It was easy to see where the rocks came from!! This is an olive orchard.

The tall Cypress trees appear to be native, as they were not associated with houses or driveways.

An abandoned home from many years ago, built into the hillside.

Before I went to Greece, we speculated on whether or not there would still be women there who wore black. On my previous trip to Greece in 1974 there were many women in black, which was explained to us as being an indication that they were in mourning over the death of their husbands, many of whom had died in World War II. I understood that they would wear black for the rest of their lives. In the small villages the tradition continues.

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