Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Does One Use This Toilet?

The train arrived early in Sofia. I was glad to be off of it. We walked to the bus station a few feet away and found the booth that sold tickets to Veliko Tarnovo (there are an amazing number of booths in that bus station). Our youngest son had spoken highly of Veliko. He had been there twice, the second time was specifically to have Boyarski Kavarma, which he claims to be the best stew ever made. So of course we had to check it out. By the way, he also really liked the town.

At this point I should mention that the bus in Bulgaria is the opposite of the train. Luckily our son had told us that in Bulgaria you take a bus, in Romania, the train. Hence I was able to bear the thought of travelling further into Bulgaria other than by the dreaded train. The bus was beautiful and modern, complete with washroom, however it remains one of the great mysteries of our trip as to how one would use it. Have you ever seen one under the seats, at the stairwell for the back door? There is a door to it, under the seats. How does one get into it? Do you open the little door and park your butt while staring out at everyone? I was almost relieved when someone said it wasn't working. No need to figure it out!!

I have done a number of Google searches on the subject and cannot find out how one uses those toilets. I would appreciate some instructions! Can anyone offer any?

I did search on Google images and found these pictures of bus washrooms that are somewhat like the Bulgarian bus had, but these doors are really tall compared with what our bus had.

Here is an obviously shorter stall, but still taller than ours. I blurred the guys face in case he doesn't want to be shown here. Sure hope its okay!

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