Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hostelling in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

We got off the bus and tried to figure out which direction to start walking to go to the Hostel Mostel. We tried and tried. Nothing made sense. Then we found the tourist info booth (only a block away) and a huge map outside. We were still confused. Went into the tourist building and the lady was no help. Pointed out a brochure for Hostel Mostel but we still couldn't figure out how to get there.

Later more workers went into the tourist booth so I decided to see if any had more to offer than the first person. Ah ha! One spoke English and sent us off in the direction of the Post Office. What they just don't seem to realize is the there is no sign on the Post Office telling us what it is, and 5 streets come together at our position, so when they casually wave in a certain direction, how are we supposed to know what they mean???

Finally we had it figured out and later, when we re-visited the huge map, we discovered that it was upside down in relation to the streets out in front of us. Please tell me the logic of that!!!

This beautiful building was near the wacky map.

The Hostel Mostel was a bit of a walk but once we got there we were very impressed. It was spacious, the young lady at the front desk was excellent at her job, there were outdoor seating areas, nice grounds, and not only was breakfast served, but a small dinner along with a glass of beer!!

Dinner was served at 7:30pm so we were all in the dining area at the same time. This (plus the beer) contributed to the guests getting to know each other. What a fantastic time we had at the Hostel Mostel and made long-time friends.

Speaking of beer, there was also a vending machine in the common area, such as this one:

Those are 2 litre plastic bottles in the bottom row. The price is about CDN$1.75. This vending machine was out on a main shopping street.

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