Sunday, March 20, 2011

On To Brashov, Romania

We took the train to Bucharest, in Romania, where we were greeted with freezing temperatures in early October. The train station has doors on only one side, so it was very cold inside. We did find one heated room and as long as you have a ticket, then you could sit in it.

So without so much as a glance at Bucharest we caught the next train to Brashov, where the famous Dracula Castle awaited us, if we chose to visit. However the reports on it were not good so passed it up.

Our guesthouse was off of a large courtyard, which was behind these doors:

The interior or our guesthouse

These magnificent wood heaters are still common in Romania but are not always in use. Our guesthouse owner said he kept it because the tourists like it. The one below was keeping an art gallery warm.

Brashov has lots of beautiful buildings

bakery window in Brashov
business is conducted through the window on the right

one of the local treats

After a cold day in Brashov, the next day we were off on the train, planning a stop of a couple of hours in Sighisoara, then on to Sibiu.

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