Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Market in Veliko Tarnovo

I love markets, especially when they have stall full of colourful fruits and vegetables. It was a bit of a struggle to find it (after the screwed up sign at the tourist info booth...should we be surprised?) but it was worth the effort:

I was smitten with the colourful peppers
The large pile of lime green vegetables are peppers

The roots with green tops are parsley. It seems they are edible. I did an online search and sure enough, there is one variety that is grown for its roots. Its Latin name is Petroselinum crispum tuberosum (also known as Petroselinum hortense). The common curly parsley is Petroselinum crispum. You can find a recipe and some further info on the Cook Almost Anything Blog, though the roots in the picture are much larger than these.

excellent cauliflower and cabbage

huge bags of red peppers

There was grocery store underground, in the market area. There
was lots of beautiful meat, particularly sausages
And a ready-to-eat section, with food that tasted good! On the left you can see eggplant slices, then potatoes, roasted peppers, coleslaw, various bean and tomato mixes and out of the picture on the right were
cooked chicken, sausages, etc. There was a line-up so we assumed the locals must know something and we bought the vegies pictured above. To our surprise, the least likely to taste good were the potatoes, but they were excellent!!

In another area there was a cooked fish store. I could definitely live in this town!!

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