Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Few Hours in Sighisoara

Our son suggested that we could take the train from Brashov to Sighisoara, visit Sigi for a couple of hours and catch the train to Sibiu.

The city of Sighisoara is putting a lot of money into restoring buildings, improving infrastructure and building hotels. The town is looking good!

I understand that the roof is of Hungarian design, which is the
ethnicity of most people in Transyvania

 Recognize the name? He was actually born in Sighisoara,
though his castle is in Brashov

 there is a nice mix of stone and wood in Transylvania

 I believe this is a gypsy cart

So we headed back to the train station, only to hear an annoucement that seemed to say that the train was late. So we waited and waited. Finally a train came and we got on it. We had a vague realization that we were not boarding from the platform we was supposed to be boarding from but we assumed it was a mistake.

After a few kilometers my observant husband noted that the sun was on the wrong side of the train for us to be heading west towards Sibiu. He figured that at some point the tracks would veer off in a different direction, west towards Sibiu.

Then the conductor came and checked our tickets. We were on the wrong train and were heading back to Brashov, with no way to get off!!

The upside was that we had a delicious dinner in Brashov that night. The vegietables on the upper right of the wooden plate are lightly pickled, which is common in Transylvania. Delicious!

So the next day we were back on the train, viewing the same scenery for the third time.

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