Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ljubljana - Part Two

This is a very mellow city, as is the entire country. The Slovenians appear not to be actively chasing tourist dollars, but are happy to collect any that come their way.


Non Stop Milk
"You are standing at the MILK vending machine, where you can pour yourself fresh raw cow milk from the dairy farm... The cows at our farm graze in pastures and they produce milk of superior quality suitable for drinking and preparation of dairy drinks and dishes.

At the price of 10 cents you can get one decilitre of milk and a whole litre for 1 EURO.
Into plastic container you can fill also less milk, depending on the amount of money you have previously inserted.
Plastic milk containers can be bought from the vending machine as well.
You can fill also your own perfectly clean containers (jugs or cans), up to 3 litres.
Place the (plastic) container into the vending machine, insert the coins and press the draw-off button."

There are a number of these works of art presented in this unusual manner, suspended above the main square. If you enlarge the picture below, you can see three of them.

The core of the old town, right by the Triple Bridge. Its all about walking, cycling and scooters in this part of the town. One must also walk in a straight line as bicycles behind you can be very quiet...

The trains that run within the country are heavily decorated with Street Art. Those that are international are not. Street Art is celebrated in Europe (at least some countries).

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