Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vintgar Gorge near Bled, Slovenia

Just north of Lake Bled is a gorge with cliff-hanging walkways. The river reminds me of the Skagit River that flows down the west side of Manning Park. When there is lots of water in the river, which there was when I was there, it is noisy and a mist is created, hence some of the photos are a bit hazy.

I was sure I had read that the pathways were first built by a man back in 1938, who thought that the Gorge could be better enjoyed by people if it was accessible. Now I am questioning my sanity as I cannot find any info to confirm it.

On my way back (by bicycle) the black clouds overhead unleashed their load. I have never seen rain go from 0 - 10 so quickly!! For the first while I took shelter in a kind of chapel-structure (these are all over Slovenia). It wasn't letting up so I braved the rain and proceeded downhill a little more. It felt a little dangerous with limited visibility on the narrow roads, so I took shelter under a house overhang (about 2' from the road).

It looked like it wanted to go on forever, so I struck out again. However it became even more intense and the road turned into a raging river so I took shelter again. Wanting only to get back to my hostel and dry clothes, I ventured further down the road, only to suddenly find it to be dry! I looked back and the low-lying black cloud was still there. I am sure that a visit to the gorge after that rainfall would have been even more spectacular with the increase in the volume of water.

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