Friday, October 16, 2009

Ljubljana - Part One

This city, and indeed all of Slovenia, is spotlessly clean. I saw only 3 pieces of garbage in my 7 days in the country.

The famous Triple Bridge
Its a bit difficult to tell, but this famous and unique bridge is pedestrian-only and has three branches. This is the heart of old Ljubljana.

Some of what must be thousands of outdoor cafes. I have never seen anything like it! When do they work?

Probably the most photographed item in Ljubljana. The dragon at the Dragon Bridge.

The old part of town is entirely in cobblestones, and as in this picture, you can see that when they do any work, the area is repaved in them.

Note the shoes. Note the cobblestones. How she didn't twist her ankle is a mystery, as it is sand, not cement, that is packed in between each of the stones.

The entrance to the Slovenian Parliament Buildings

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