Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kranjska Gora - North-Western Slovenia

The day after the cow festival Sean and Brenda dropped me off in Kranjska Gora, an area that Kent has sent me a postcard of. The photo on it was so beautiful that I knew I must visit it someday. However I didn't like the looks of the hostels there so I decided to hike up to a waterfall in the area, then take the late afternoon bus back to Ljubljana. Slovenia is very small in size, so getting around is quick, and cheap by bus.

I knew I couldn't haul my bag on the hike, so I went to a cafe and asked if I could leave it there. They said I could! This was the coffee I ordered there. What an elegant coffee vessel!! If you look closely you will see that it has no handle but has two layers of glass, so that one's hand does not come in contact with the hot part. And of course, it was an outdoor cafe.

The signs on the washroom doors.

A stone block for holding bicycles. Nice and compact.

Another view of a rack for drying hay. With such a narrow roof I wonder how well it really protects the hay from rain. Most often rain falls on a slant. And this roof doesn't look like it will be of use for much longer.

Had to take this for my husband. I was en route to the waterfall, walking along a lovely paved walking/cycling path and there, as well as in other places in Europe, was something catering specifically to cyclists.

The distinct advantage to walking and cycling is that you see so many more details, and its easy to stop and take a picture. Here, a simple gate.

The waterfall!! It was worth the hike.

Above the waterfall one could get quite close to the magnificent mountains, however I didn't dare take the time to go any higher, as I had a bus to catch (which I just barely made).

View of the above mountains taken from the bus window.

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