Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cow Festival - Ukanc, Slovenia

Sean and Brenda were heading for the Cow Festival, so I asked if I could tag along. They are from Ireland.

Note the beautiful colour of the river behind them. Many of the rivers in Slovenia are this colour, and very clear.

It was about the 20th of September. The cows come down from their summer pastures and it is time to celebrate in the tiny village of Ukanc, on Lake Bohinj. This event draws thousands, though they are mostly Slovenians. We nearly missed this parade as someone told us it didn't begin until 3pm. And to think it was going on about 50' away. We figured the loudspeakers meant something was going on, we just couldn't tell what it was.

This lady was trying to make it clear to her cow just who was the boss.

A parade of local costume was included.

A face only an owner could love.

Some goods for sale at this fall fair type of event. However I bet you won't find bottles like the ones on the left at the Rock Creek Fall Fair. The labels say "Bohinj zganje   40% by volume".

A large pot of sauerkraut. This area seemed to have much in common with Austria, which is just a few miles to the north.

This booth was roasting an entire cow, and was it ever delicious!!

This fellow was demonstrating how to make shakes for a roof. Please note the beer next to the axe, on the left. Axe and beer are not a good combination. At least I don't see any empty glasses lying around....

We (an Irish couple and myself) finally found a spot to sit next to this proud Grandpa. He was feeding his grandson so I just had to take a picture. Result was that we became fast friends and ended up drinking far more beer than I care to admit. And it didn't help to be with folks from Ireland!

Mother and grandmother loved looking at the pics that Sean had taken of the baby.

While in Slovenia I saw a lot of hair that was dyed varying shades of red. I finally got a good picture of one head.

Polka music, lots of polka music.

But there was time for other entertainment.

A Cow Festival just wouldn't be complete without a hairy Tina Turner!

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