Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lucca, Italy

I flew with RyanAir from Zadar to Pisa for $38CDN for a one hour flight. Gotta love it! However if I were doing it again I might have opted for the boat across the Adriatic so that I could have stopped at the tiny country of San Marino, which looks like a nice place to spend a day. But the rest of the family would be starting to arrive the day after I got to Lucca, so I could not daly.

Shops selling food in the old part of Lucca had wonderful displays in their windows!

Get pizza, panini or pasta from a machine! This was in a residential area, close to my hostel.

What a shop!!

I visited an art exhibition and the artist was there. His name is Alessandro Casale,
and he is standing beside his favourite painting.

A piece of toilet apparatus that I could not figure out, so I just put it up, as if it were a lid.

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